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16th-Jan-2006 05:17 pm
Katie's party
As some of you know, I have something called Pernicious anemia - in other words a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. My insurance company decided it was too expensive for me to traipse to the doctor's office every other week and get an injection of B-12. So I am now required to inject myself. While this may sound rather benign - let me tell you that it is hard to stick a needle in your own flesh. Plus, it stings afterward.

Today was my first time doing the injection all by myself. I feel like I just passed an exam or something similar. Hopefully, giving myself these injections will become much easier as time goes by. I keep wondering if I had the needle at the correct angle - did I inject into muscle or fat - the questions are endless. It certainly felt like I did it the same way as the nurse at my doctor's office. Thank God I don't have to do this again for two more weeks.
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