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Pink Floyd 
2nd-Dec-2006 08:36 pm
So - I was in a Pink Floyd mood today. I went into work and put Dark Side of the Moon on my little speakers next to my desk. My boss promptly said that is not the way to listen to Dark Side of the Moon. He put the CD into his high end stereo and promptly blasted Dark Side of the Moon in the office. Thank God no one called as I would not have been able to hear them. It was awesome to listen to the music and have a background of thunder and lightening. This memory will stick with me for for some time.

On another note, I finally read the Time Out Chicago magazine article that mentions my bosses' wife. She gave some geeky writer from the magazine pick-up advice. The article was hysterical. The guy could not pick-up any women in Lincoln Park or Wicker Park even though he had a cute three month old puppy.
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