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Medication Hell 
15th-Mar-2006 07:47 pm
Jabba the Hutt
Well - I have been so lucky to experience nerve pain on my wonderful, huge incision site. My incision extends all the way to my spine - so I have about four inches of skin that was not cut. I am experience something called neuropathic pain - a have violent spasms that are painful and a burning sensation. This is a result of the severed nerves reattaching along the incision site. I have had no sleep - the spasms are the worse at night.

Anyway, my doctor decided pain meds, Vicodin was not the way to go - instead I am now on Neurontin. I feel like my head is a big balloon above my body and I am extremely nauseous. I have been popping Zofran and Compazine as all day. I feel like a drug addict with all these pills. I have to take the Neurontin for three months. It is supposed to take a couple of days to work. Hopefully some of these nasty side effects will diminish. I feel useless.

Sleeping with Kitty and Chamois has become interesting. I cannot sleep on my stomach so I have a pillow along one side of my body for me to lean on. Chamois has decided this pillow is really for him to sleep on against my side. It's kinda weird as he feels like a hot water bottle curled up on me. Kitty has decided my feet are the most comfortable part of the bed. It's weird how the cats have claimed certain spots are their own.

Jill took some graphic pictures of me after surgery. Of course I gave her permission, but it was weird to see her come down with her task light to make sure the pictures were are graphic as possible. I have decided to share one - the rest show too much of me for public display. Here is my 'new' belly button. It looks much better now that the swelling has gone down. Plus I finally got rid of the green sharpie markings. You just barely see one of the j-tubes I came home with. They where nasty.

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