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Tubes are gone! 
8th-Feb-2006 02:07 pm
in the pink
Yesterday, the doctor removed the four j-tubes! I am so happy as they where a wee bit uncomfortable. I have to go back next week and get the stitches removed from my bellybutton. Right now I look like a very stuffed sausage. The doctor has sworn to me that the swelling will go down dramatically and all will look 'normal.'

Pain is still forefront in my day. I am trying to be productive, but I am a basket case. Chris and Kendrick visited last night which was really nice. I am beginning to get cabin fever. I think I may even attempt to walk to Walgreen's later today just to have something to do. The problem is, I don't think I can make it there and back. Three blocks is a long walk when you cannot stand up straight and am only six days post-op. It is pipe dream - but I can try. Maybe I'll just order Thai food instead. That sounds more realistic.

As you can tell my days need some focus. I am really not a good patient.
9th-Feb-2006 12:25 am (UTC)
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