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28th-Jan-2006 12:32 pm
Jabba the Hutt
Well - it is really going to happen this Thursday. I am very anxious as this is major abdominal surgery and I will be in recovery for six to eight weeks. The thought of another surgery is definitely a freaky thing. I have had such bad hospital experiences. I will never forget after kidney/bladder surgery – lying there in true agony with a multitude of tubes – being given shots of Dilated and Belladonna & Opium. I was high as a kite and in a type of pain I NEVER want to experience again. It is bad when your pain subsides enough that the doctor decides to step down pain management to a morphine pump. That was scary and very painful. I have been reassured that this surgery will be uncomfortable, but not in the same category.

Ed has kindly agreed to be my nurse for a bit. He is going to be taking care of Chamois also. I have to give him cat bathing lessons later today. This should be rather fun to watch. While I have an understanding with Chamois – Ed is new to this.

Today is also the day to finish moving furniture around. I need to have everything organized before Thursday. Hopefully I will be able to get everything done. I am looking forward to having my office all setup again. Right now I am in a sea of books and paper stacks. It has been driving me nuts.

Tonight is the Belmont Burlesque. We are meeting at Friar Tuck to start of a fun night of debauchery. It should be a great way to enjoy myself before my convalescence.

Please drop me a note or call as I don't deal with being sick well.
29th-Jan-2006 05:32 am (UTC)
I hope that everything goes okay!
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